1. Empty Files - EP (2013): Artwork creation process

    The graphic designer Rebeka Arce (www.rebekaarce.com) shows creation process of the Empty Files - EP artwork on Reset C

    11 Día C. Reset C. Ponencia Rebeca Arce from Club de Creativos on Vimeo.



  2. Listen to our new album - RemixedFiles on Soundcloud


    Free download on: www.emptyfiles.bandcamp.com

    “This new album is a compilation of remixes of Empty Files - EP, created by great friends and artists that bring to the project different points of view, maximising and upgrading it.”

    Remixes by:

    Artwork by:
    Rebeka Arce - seccionaurea
    You can listen on:
    Soundcloud - Spotify 

    or buy on:
    iTunes - Google Play

  3. sound--blog preguntó: loved the remix album! I posted it on my blog!

    Hey! Thank you!

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  8. Kemper Profiler. A new friend.

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  12. Sampling of Kaoss. With Urtzakamoto.

  13. Lost Files

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